Penetration Testing Services

In order to make sure that your systems are protected, it is important to evaluate your exposure from the perspective of a hacker.

At Trident Security, we do this through a process called penetration testing, or pentest for short. We have a team of dedicated ethical hackers that work to discover vulnerabilities in your organization. The team will use the same tools and techniques used by hackers and identity thieves. They will prioritize the risks in a report. We will then help guide your organization to resolving the penetration test results.


Sub Categories

Network Penetration Testing A general network penetration test will uncover internal security vulnerabilities as well as external security vulnerabilities. A network penetration test is often required by stakeholders such as corporate directors, auditors, customers, or financial investors.


Wireless Testing


The use of wireless networks always come with a risk. As employees make use of “BYOD” or Bring Your Own Device, the risks of Ransomware and Worms spreading become even more troubling. A wireless penetration test can help uncover security holes in your wireless infrastructure and the policies that make up the holistic security posture.

Night city and wireless communication network lines. 3D rendering

Social Engineering


The human element is often the most overlooked area in Cyber Security. There is a high success rate for hackers and other criminals utilizing these methods. Our team of penetration testing experts will use social engineering skills to circumvent your security procedures. The team will use methods used by real criminals in the wild. A report and presentation will be created to show what was found. We take this a step further by providing social engineering training services by offering a 100% success rate guarantee.



Web Application Penetration Testing


OWASP Top 10 Penetration Testing Services are designed to alert you to security issues on your Web Application. The application security experts will conduct tests to identify holes that could lead to a data breach. We utilize methods such as SQL Injection, Cross-Site Scripting, and Cross-Site Forgery among many others. The goal is to take over the web application or steal sensitive data. The reports include recommendations. We will also assist with resolution services. Web Application Penetration Testing is an essential tool in your arsenal to help prevent cyber security breaches.